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Monday was the official start of week 12 post  surgery.  As of this morning, I am down 30 lbs since my surgery.  Including the 20 lbs I lost before surgery, I am now down 50 lbs. 

So crazy!!!  This has been an amazing  journey.  I have been absoultely amazed at my energy level and how I just feel like I can go, go, go!  Work has been easier because I feel like I have been able to move around so much easier.  I’m still walking 2 miles everyday during my lunchbreak.  It’s been a great way to get out of the office.  I used to get out of the office by going out to fast food restaurants.  I love to get out of the office and get some fresh air.  But since my surgery, I have been bringing my lunch everyday (plus I haven’t had too much fast food!).  I eat a little bit of food (literally!) and then I change my shoes and head out the door.  I love getting the fresh air, and I walk right by an off-leash dog park so I get to enjoy seeing the dogs running thru the park.  I’ve also been doing yoga once or twice a week which has been great.  It’s been a great way for me to relax and focus on myself.

I’ve also had to do more clothes shopping because my clothes are falling off.  I ordered some clothes online, which arrived this week.  They were all the wrong sizes.  Partly because the retailer messed up my order, but also because I’m still trying to figure out what size clothes I should be buying.  I went to Kohl’s over the weekend, and almost everything that I brought into the dressing room, I had to take back and get a smaller size.  A smaller size!!!!!  That was pretty crazy!  In the past, I’ve always had to go back and get a LARGER size!  I was also very excited to fit into size 12 jeans.  I can’t even think about the last time I wore a size 12.  They are slightly snug, but I think they will start to get looser and looser.

I’ve been getting many comments at work about my new figure.  Most of the people who work in my area know about my surgery.  I think because they have overheard me talking about it to a few people.  Many other people at work have commented on my shrinking size, but I haven’t told everyone about the surgery.  I guess I just feel like it’s my business and I don’t need to be the subject of office gossip.


Well, it’s back to work for me tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to it. I was able to go to our work holiday party on Friday. While my co-workers were all happy to see me and said that they can already see a change in my face, they also informed me that there are stacks of work that have been left on my desk for the last 2 weeks. Lovely!

On a much better note, I had my first pre-op visit with my surgeon last Friday.  He said everything looks great and I’m progressing on schedule.  So far, I have lost 10 lbs (after losing the 8 lbs of water weight that I gained in the hospital being on an IV for 3 days straight!). 

He also allowed me to start going to soft foods.  As soon as he told me that, I immediately stopped at the grocery store and picked up some eggs.  I had the best scrambled egg of my life!!!  It was wonderful to be able to chew something again after being on liquids for 2 weeks.  I can also have tuna, crab, shrimp, and other soft foods.  I can also try vegetables if they are steamed and super-super soft.  Next weekend, he said that I can try ground meat (chicken, turkey and beef).  For now, my cats are going a little crazy because I’ve been eating tuna and shrimp all weekend.  I also had some steamed salmon at the holiday party.  I ate the size of about 3 pre-op bites and half a hard-boiled egg.  I was stuffed to the gills!  I’m still learning how much I can eat.  I have to try new things one at a time to see if anything disagrees with me.  It’s kinda like starting a baby on solid foods.

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I totally just had a “Dreamgirls” moment singing that song.  Heheheh!!!  🙂

Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately.  I’m still here!!!!  Work and school have just been crazy!  Work has been super busy because we’re getting into tax season (whoo hoo!!  NOT!).  Plus I’m taking on all the billing for one of our clients.  It’s really been all me doing it and my manager doing the receivables.  It’s a little crazy but I can do it!! 

School has also kicked into high gear as well.  I’m working on learning a new software program.  The program itself is a breeze and I totally feel comfortable with it.  It’s just getting down to actually doing it because I’m exhausted by the time I get home from work.  The good news is that I have to finish this class and one more class (mid-February thru March), and then I can start applying to take the CPA exam.  Yay me!!!  I’m a little worried about actually taking the test.  It’s a 4 part test, and if you fail a section, you can re-take it in the next quarter.  I have one year from when I take the first one to pass all the tests.  I’m hoping that my job will pay for me to take a review course before I actually take the test.

So I’m still here, although very busy!!!  I’m still reading all your blogs and getting a good chuckle out of them.  So thanks!!  🙂

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I have had this issue with my eye twitching since Thursday.  It is really super annoying because I think I look like a freak.  Which, in all actually, isn’t too far from the truth, but I digress.  Jeff said that he couldn’t even tell.  I kept rubbing my eyes to get them to stop twitching, which just weirds him out more cause he thinks I’ll hurt my eyes.  Surprisingly for someone who wears contacts and touches his eyes on a daily basis, he’s squeemish about seeing me do it.

I think it may be from *GASP* reading my Kindle too much.  I work 40 hours staring blankly working in front of 2 computer screens all day and then in my down time, I’m spending hours reading on my Kindle.  Which is pretty much what I did all day Sunday while Jeff played his videogame, and enjoyed my French Onion dip that didn’t end up going bad in the car on Saturday.  It was bliss!!!

I have glasses that I’m supposed to wear when I’m using the computer but who needs glasses???  I mean really???  So today I broke down and put them on at work.  And guess what???  NO MORE TWITCHING!!!!  Horray!!!

However, I did get my hair cut on Friday and I’m so not used to seeing myself with glasses.  Everytime I walk by a mirror, I scare myself a little bit.  I think it’s someone else.  Here are what my glasses look like:


(Model not included!)  They are purple cat eye glasses.  ‘Cuz that’s just the way I roll!!

So now when I walk by a mirror, I keep thinking that I should have my hair all pulled back with my glasses on.  I should swing my hair down and around, and look seductively at someone and start singing “I’m Hot For Teacher”.  Maybe jump up on a car or something.  Yes, I DO believe that I am stuck in an 80’s metal song and I’m the star.  What’s wrong with that????

Maybe I need to stop listening to Jack FM!!!!

Well, the wait is finally over.  I have managed to trick a few people when they tried to guess what my Halloween costume will be.  Only 22% of you were correct on the poll.  My nieces had me pegged from the beginning but I couldn’t let them know.  So here it is……….

I’m Strawberry Shortcake!!!  It was so much fun!!  I felt like a little girl with my poofy skirt and pigtails.  Quite the outfit, I must say.  I was trying to talk Jeff into being the Purple Pieman from the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons, but he opted out of that.  Here are a few more pics…

Here I am hard at work, as always!!

We had a Halloween costume contest at work.  I cleverly brought strawberry cupcakes as bribes for the judges, but they had to be P.C. and gave everyone first place.  WHATEVER!!!

One of my manager’s missed out on the group photo, so here she is.  Her costume was great!  She was Kat von D, and that’s Pixie with her.

My niece and nephew also dressed up.  Madisyn was Dorthoy from the Wizard of Oz.

And Jackson was a Jedi Knight.  He wanted to make sure I got the green light saber in the picture!

My oldest niece Julianna is 12 and getting too old for dressing up.  Too old????  Someone forgot to tell me that then!!  I took her picture as she was getting ready for the party.  At least her shirt says Wicked.

It was pretty fun!  They were off to a Halloween party so it was one more quick photo before they left.

I hope your Halloween was a happy and safe one.  I can’t wait to think of next year’s costume!!