Today I had the wonderful excitement of spending my hard-earned money.  What, might you ask, did I get to spend this glorious money on??  Some beautiful jewlery?  Some fashionable clothes?  A trip to Tahiti???

Ah, no.  Unfortunately it was on car repairs.  That’s right, my FAVORITE thing to spend money on!!!  NOT!!! 

Yesterday, Jeff and I went over to my dad and stepmom’s house so she could milk her birthday just a little longer.  Hey, if adoring people want to lavish presents on me for a week straight and sing songs in my praises, I would be all for that too!!!  You go, Jennifer!!! 

While we were there, my dad pointed out the fact that my tires were wearing a little on the front.  I’ve been a little concerned because, being a chick, I have no working knowledge of my car other than how to turn it on and off (and even that’s a little sketchy).  In fact, this morning when Jeff and I were driving around, I unplugged my Ipod from the dock while the stereo was trying to read it, and it froze the stereo.  So instead of turning the radio off and back on, I turned the whole car off and restarted it.  Hey, it reset the radio!!!  Jeff just rolled his eyes at me.  Anyways, so my dad asked when was the last time I rotated my tires.  I told him that I rotated them the whole way over to his house.  HAHAHHA!!!  I’m so funny!  Apparently that was not the correct answer.

Seeing as it has been a while and I want to take care of my little Tinker (that link is for you, Melissa!!)for as long as possible, I decided that I should go rotate the tires.  (I can think of a few inappropriate jokes at this moment about rotating tires, but I’ll leave that one alone)  So I went over to Mike’s Tires in Canyon Country.  I’ve been there a few times before.  While they do a great job on the cars, they are a little short on people skills.  (Click on that link and read a few reviews of the profanity tirades that have been reported.  HAHAHAH!!!)  My solution???  I brought a book because I wanted to discourage Julio from making idle conversation with me.  As it was, I still was ogled a little bit.  Figures!!  A girl can’t get car repairs done without that happening. 

Upon further inspection, they told me that I needed new brakes.  Apparently they were down to 10% and once it gets down too far, it starts grinding on the axle and causes bigger problems.  I sat for a moment and pondered if I really needed brakes.  Hmmmm….do I want to be able to stop when needed?  I do have a stick shift and can always downshift to a slow roll……..alright, I guess I should do it.

I had to wait quite a while for it, but I was just glad that they could get me in.  While I was waiting, there was a father and daughter waiting as well for her car to be worked on.  She was whining and complaining about how this was going to ruin her budget (even though Daddy was there and was going to pay for it anyways) and how it was so unfair that she had to do these repairs on the car.  The lady behind the counter seemed a little flabergasted about this, and was trying to explain the values of car ownership and maintanence.  The girl just kept on complaining, and I could see everyone else in the lobby rolling their eyes at her and smirking. 

I took about as much as I could before I casually leaned over and said “You know, I have a budget as well, and this purchase certainly doesn’t fit very well in my budget.  But, my thinking is, it’s going to be a lot cheaper to pay $180 now than if my brakes go out, I slam into a tree, possibly a few other cars, and have to pay for a bunch of medical bills.  You might keep THAT in mind”.  YES!!!!  I love a little sarcasm in the morning!!!  The girl just looked at me like I was crazy (quite possible) and flipped her hair as she turned and stalked out of the lobby.  The dad looked like he wanted to give me a high five but he restrained himself.  He was trying to talk some sense into her, but to no avail.  I just casually paid my bill, and left the building with my head held high, feeling pretty awesome.  I love it!!  Now when I drive my car and I lightly tap the brakes, I feel like I’m going to go thru the windshield, so it’s kinda a fun game now.  Let’s see if I can get to my destination without killing myself by flying thru the glass.  Yippee!!!

Then I had the distinct pleasure of spending a little more money at Costco.  Jeff opted not going with me for this excursion.  Probably wisely so.  He’s the kind of shopper that likes to make a list, only look for the items on the list, and get to the register as fast as possible.  In, out, and on with life.  Me…..well, I shop a little differently, especially at Costco.  I like to wander aimlessly down each aisle, remarking that, hey maybe I do need a 5 gallon tub of mayo.  You never know when there will be a mayo shortage!!!  I also love to go when I’m hungry so I get a free lunch from all the samples.  I didn’t even make a list when I went.  I told Jeff that there were a “just a few things” that I needed to pick up.

Well a few things turned into a few more things, and oh hey, I haven’t read this book yet.  All told I spent another $200 there.  But I was also able to purchase 2 Christmas presents so I felt somewhat productive.  I started making my Christmas lists already, as it always seems to sneak up on me.  Jeff was laughing at me because I bought enough toilet paper to last us a LONG time!!!  He asked if I thought I had purchased enough.  Obviously this is coming from a MAN who has never been left high and dry while sitting on the throne (or would it be high and wet???  Hmmmm….).  We did manage to find a place to hold my enormous paper supply, and I am one happy girl.  🙂