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Today is the day!

Well, today is the big day. My surgery is at 3pm today. My dad is coming to pick me up and take me over to the hospital. I have to be over there at 1pm, which gives me several hours to sit around and think about everything. I was only allowed a glass of water this morning to take my medicine. So my main wish right now is for some more water because my mouth is dry.

See you all on the flip side!!

That’s all. Carry on!

3 days to go!

Well, I’ve got three days to go until surgery. 

Thanksgiving was great.  The food was awesome!  My dad cooked the dark meat of the turkey in the crockpot for 14 hours, and cooked the white meat in the oven.  The white meat was super moist because we didn’t have to wait for the dark meat to cook thru and dry out the white meat.  Which is my favorite part!  Plus my sister made a yummy lasagna. 

I managed to control myself and only had 1 plate of food.  I also controlled myself today with my last day of solid food for a while.  Jeff and I went to the movies to see Harry Potter and I enjoyed some popcorn with my nacho cheese powder on top.  Very classy!!  Especially the powder sheen that ended up on my chest.  VERY classy!  Then we went to McDonald’s for dinner.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn’t really have a craving for anything in particular.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a few fries.  I also enjoyed some sweet tea.  Very tasty!

So I’m preparing for my all liquids starting tomorrow.  I’ve already warned Jeff that if he eats anywhere near me, I might have to cut him.  No joke!

Some changes are afoot!

Hello!!!  After some persistent nagging encouragement from some friends, I have decided to resurrect my long-lost blog.  It’s aliiiiiiiiiive!!!  Sorry, I had a Frankenstein moment there!!

There have been some big changes, and I’m starting a new adventure here.  It seemed more appropriate to reformat my blog to just be my adventure.  Jeff is still here having his own adventures, but I’m reclaiming this blog as my space.

In case you hadn’t noticed the new title of the blog (really??? look up!!), my blog is going to be focused on my newest adventure that I am on.  I have decided to have bariatric surgery.  Specifically I am having vertical gastric sleeve surgery.  If this is completely foreign to you, check it out here.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to come back.


This has been such a long road for me and my decision has not come lightly.  Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I have always been overweight.  My biggest problem seems to be that I am always hungry.  I love to eat!!!  And I feel like if a little bit of something is good, then a whole lot of it must be better, right?  As I have gotten older, the pounds have just kept adding on.  Nothing seems to help.  I have tried all the diets out there.  I can lose weight for a while, but then it all comes back, with interest. 

I’ve had a little bit of experience with bariatric surgery in my family.  Several family members have done various procedures, but I will actually be the first to do the sleeve procedure.   In the last 6-8 years, I have been doing research on bariatric surgery and if it would be the right choice for me.  My current insurance is thru Kaiser in Southern California, and I do qualify for the procedure to be covered by insurance due to my BMI and co-morbid conditions (high blood pressure, high cholesterol).

 The one thing about the sleeve that I am really looking forward to is the fact that the hunger hormone, ghrenlin, will be removed from my stomach and I won’t feel hungry.  What an amazing feeling that will be!!!  Right now I feel like I’m constantly hungry.  One moment when I knew this was a problem was when I went to Claim Jumpers with Jeff, and about an hour later, I felt hungry again.  If you’ve ever been to Claim Jumpers, you know their portions are HUGE!!!  As Jeff likes to say, “Claim Jumper to death!!”.  So this will be a very exciting thing for me.

So where am I at in the process?  Well, in December of last year, I actually qualified to meet with a bariatric doctor at Kaiser.  Once I met with him, I was signed up for classes.  Kaiser requires you to attend 12 week classes to educate you and make sure you completely understand what you are signing up for.  Half the classes are taught by a nutritionist and the other half are taught by a behaviorist.  So not only do you learn about healthy eating, you start to learn about why you eat and why you eat even when you’re not hungry.  I was initially interested in the lap-band, but after learning more about the sleeve, the sleeve seemed like the better option for me.  The weight loss is usually higher with the sleeve, and the hunger hormone issue seemed to be a great advantage with the sleeve.

I completed my classes in July.  I had to take a myriad of blood tests.  In one sitting, I had 16 vials of blood drawn.   I had been watching True Blood right before this experience, and was completely convinced that they thought I was a vampire and were trying to sell V on the black market!  I also had to do an EKG and a chest x-ray.  Every thing came back great.  I also had to go have a psych eval to make sure my head was in the right place.  For those who know me, this was a great concern for me!!  I have battled with depression for a while and was really nervous about telling a psychiatrist my history for fear that she wouldn’t approve me.  I decided to be completely honest with her and told her everything.  I spilled my guts about my whole history in 20 minutes flat.  She didn’t even bat an eye, and passed me with flying colors.  Which told me that the main thing is to be honest here!

I was referred to a surgeon named John Yadegar in Lancaster, CA.  He is super friendly and immediately put me at ease.  He let me ask whatever questions I wanted to, and didn’t make me feel rushed or anything.  He sat with me for about an hour, listening to me and talking about the procedures.  I feel very comfortable with him.

I had my final pre-op appointment last Friday, and my surgery is scheduled for Monday, November 29 at 3pm.  To prepare for surgery, I will be on a liquid diet starting on Saturday.  Thankfully I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner before that!  I will also have to do a bowel cleanse on Sunday.  I am really not looking forward to that part of it!  If you can’t find me on Sunday, I will probably be in the bathroom!  I told Jeff just to slip a magazine under the door and walk away.  Hehehe!!!

I’m getting more anxious as the date gets closer.  I feel ready for the surgery, but I also wonder how painful it will be and what I will feel like afterwards.  I will have a morphine trigger that I can use every 8 minutes, but I still wonder exactly how I will feel. 

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, and I will answer to the best of my ability.  Or if you’ve had surgery, tell me how it went!  This blog will post my progress as I go thru this new adventure.