Ok, I really didn’t intend on making today’s post political.  I try not to, and even yesterday I didn’t feel the need to force my ideas down your lovely throat so I didn’t say who I was voting for.  However, today is a new day and probably one of my only political posts, so just bear with me today.

My vote for President went to Barack Obama.  Personally, I feel like the Bush administration has gone from bad to worse (as I think most people would agree!), and the McCain camp was getting right in line with him.  I know McCain tried to distance himself after a while from Bush, but I still feel that his ideas were very similar to Bush.  I completely respect McCain and feel like he is a great American; I just don’t think he’s set to run the country at this point in time.  We have so much work to do to repair the economy and bring our troops home.  Change can be good!!  I also worried about McCain’s VP selection in Sarah Palin.  I thought if she gets elected, there’s a good chance I’m going to have to shoot someone!  This prima-donna just seemed to drag McCain’s campaign thru the mud.  I’m sure he was hoping to garner some of the female vote from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  I’m ALL for women in politics, just not that one!  I know people said the same thing about Hillary.

So my vote was for Obama.  I wasn’t sure if it was a pipe dream that would never come true, but I had to try.  He is probably the most liberal senator in the Senate, even more so than Ted Kennedy, so just having him be the Democratic nominee was a feat in itself. 

Last night as I sat glued to the tv, I was shocked to see that Obama was actually winning.  I thought this might actually happen.  I was so excited!!  I felt like this is one of the defining moments for our generation.  This is our Martin Luther King Jr “I Have A Dream” speech moment; this is our JFK assasination moment; this is our men land on the moon moment.  These are times in our country’s history that are forever marked as landmarks in time that generations to come will study and learn about.  Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched the gap in electoral votes grow wider and wider.  Jeff came into the room and made fun of me for crying, but I was overcome with emotion.  I quickly pointed out that there were people in Grant Park who were crying as well.  Who knows what I would have been like if I was there???  Sheesh!! 

My hope today is that Obama can live up to the expectations that have now been set for him.  I knew whoever was elected would have a long hard road ahead of him to clean up Bush’s acts.  I also hope that this country can come together and work as one.  I know there are Republicans who are very upset with the election last night.  I just hope that we can put hurt feelings aside and do what’s best for our country.  The Democrats have given the Republicans 28 years of rule (along with Democrats that acted like Republicans).  Let’s let the other team have a chance at making real change.

Thanks for listening to me today.  Back to the funny stuff next time!!!  🙂