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Monday was the official start of week 12 post  surgery.  As of this morning, I am down 30 lbs since my surgery.  Including the 20 lbs I lost before surgery, I am now down 50 lbs. 

So crazy!!!  This has been an amazing  journey.  I have been absoultely amazed at my energy level and how I just feel like I can go, go, go!  Work has been easier because I feel like I have been able to move around so much easier.  I’m still walking 2 miles everyday during my lunchbreak.  It’s been a great way to get out of the office.  I used to get out of the office by going out to fast food restaurants.  I love to get out of the office and get some fresh air.  But since my surgery, I have been bringing my lunch everyday (plus I haven’t had too much fast food!).  I eat a little bit of food (literally!) and then I change my shoes and head out the door.  I love getting the fresh air, and I walk right by an off-leash dog park so I get to enjoy seeing the dogs running thru the park.  I’ve also been doing yoga once or twice a week which has been great.  It’s been a great way for me to relax and focus on myself.

I’ve also had to do more clothes shopping because my clothes are falling off.  I ordered some clothes online, which arrived this week.  They were all the wrong sizes.  Partly because the retailer messed up my order, but also because I’m still trying to figure out what size clothes I should be buying.  I went to Kohl’s over the weekend, and almost everything that I brought into the dressing room, I had to take back and get a smaller size.  A smaller size!!!!!  That was pretty crazy!  In the past, I’ve always had to go back and get a LARGER size!  I was also very excited to fit into size 12 jeans.  I can’t even think about the last time I wore a size 12.  They are slightly snug, but I think they will start to get looser and looser.

I’ve been getting many comments at work about my new figure.  Most of the people who work in my area know about my surgery.  I think because they have overheard me talking about it to a few people.  Many other people at work have commented on my shrinking size, but I haven’t told everyone about the surgery.  I guess I just feel like it’s my business and I don’t need to be the subject of office gossip.


Yesterday was the official start of week 9 post surgery, but I have been so busy working that I haven’t had a chance to update.  I’ve been feeling great!  My clothes are starting to get looser and looser.  In fact, I’ve started to dig thru my drawers to find clothes that I was hanging on to that have been a size or two too small.  They are now fitting well, and I’ll probably have to start clothes shopping soon.

I have had to buy a few things.  There was some things I hadn’t thought of before losing the weight.  The first thing was my underwear.  It has been falling off lately!  I knew that I would have to buy new shirts and pants after surgery but I didn’t really think of underwear.  I’ve also purchased a few new bras.  Not only am I down a size around, but a step down in cup size is fitting just fine.  Another place I hadn’t thought of losing weight was in my wrist.  My once-snug metal watch is now spinning around on my wrist.  It’s been a strange experience.

People at work are starting to notice the weight loss as well.  There are a few people there who know about my surgery and they have been commenting on my weight loss all along, but now people who don’t know are starting to notice.  As of my official weekly weigh-in yesterday, I am down 21 lbs since surgery.  I have more energy and I’m feeling really good.

One of the things that I wanted to do prior to surgery was to take all my measurements.  I wanted to see exactly where I am losing the inches.  So here are my measurement changes.

Neck: -1.0″
Bust: -4.0″
Waist: -4.0″
Hips: -7.5″
R biscep: -0.5″
L biscep: -1.5″
R forearm: 0″
L forearm: +0.5″
R wrist: -0.5″
L wrist: -0.75″ (hence the watch spinning!!!)
R thigh: -4.0″
L thigh: -3.5″
R calf: +0.5″
L calf: +0.5″
R ankle: 0.0″
L ankle: 0.0″
R width of foot: -0.25″
L width of foot: +0.50″

I think my leg muscles are getting a little bigger because I’ve been doing so much walking.  I do at least 1.5 miles on my lunch break at work everyday.  I was also going to the gym after work 3 nights a week, but with tax season picking up, I’ve been tired after work and also bringing work home most nights.  So I’m hoping to get back into the gym fairly soon.

In other news, Jeff and I booked our trip to Ireland.  We have been talking about taking this trip for several years and we are finally booked!!  Yay!!!  I’m so excited!  We will be going in the spring.  For me, traveling on airplanes has always been a little nerve wracking because I was always afraid that the seatbelt wouldn’t fit and I’d have to ask for an extender.  I was so embarrased about that.  Now that I’ve lost some weight (especially in my mid-section), I feel fairly confident that I should fit just fine.

Week 5 Update

Today is the start of week 5 post-op.  Overall, I feel really good.  I have more energy than I did before and my joints don’t hurt as much as they did before my surgery.  I’ve been going on my lunchtime walks at work, and trying to hit the gym at home as often as I can.  I did a 3 mile walk the other day and I felt great!  A little sore the next day, but I still felt great.

One thing that I noticed is that my stamina is increasing.  At work, I often get called into my manager’s office and we discuss various work related topics.  I stand next to her desk so I can see her computer monitor while she is drafting an email or whatever.  Prior to my surgery, I would only want to stand there for about 10 minutes before I pulled up a chair so I could sit down.  Last week, I had been in her office for a while when I suddenly realized that I had been standing there for an hour and didn’t even realize it!  My ankles and knees are already feeling the lighter load. 

I’m slowly introducing new foods back into my diet.  Tonight I had some salmon, which was great.  My daily diet has been consisting of usually 2 protein drinks (110 cal each), string cheese (50 cal), hard boiled egg (70 cal), maybe some cottage cheese (50 cal), maybe a little chicken or tuna.  My total caloric intake each day is probably about 500-600 calories.  My goal is to eat high protein foods so that my body doesn’t feel like I’m going into starvation mode, which would make my body want to hold on to everything.  I aim for 80-100 grams of protein a day.  The protein drinks help that goal a lot, since they are 30 g of protein each.  I also have to drink 64 oz of fluids during the day.  I have been getting closer but I still need to keep working on drinking throughout the day.  It’s very easy when I’m at home, but at work I get so busy that I forget to drink.  I’ve been starting to put my drink between me and my keyboard so that I’m forced to move it so that I can type, and I just move it to my lips!

Speaking of which, as of this morning, I am down a total of 17 lbs since my surgery.  It’s been really nice to see the number on the scale going down along with my BMI. 

So here are some pictures of me, taken this evening.  I don’t really see too much of a difference myself, but everyone tells me that they can see the changes in my face.  As my dad put it, I now have a jawline!  🙂

A Quick Update

Hello all!

I wanted to give you all a quick update on how I’m doing.  Things have been so crazy busy with returning to work and the holidays!

I’ve been feeling really good.  I’ve started walking during my lunchtime at work.  Since it’s been raining cats and dogs here in California, I’ve been walking laps around in our underground employee parking lot.  I grabbed my iPod and earbuds and just got moving!  I felt a little strange at first walking around a parking lot, but I’ve actually seen several other people walking while I was doing my laps, so I guess it’s not that strange.

I’ve been eating soft foods, although I am still learning how much I can eat.  I have over done it a few times and thrown up.  My second day back to work, I was sitting on the floor in the employee bathroom puking.  It was lovely!!  I started bringing a lunchpail with freezer packs to work, so I keep my liquids and protein right at my desk to remind me to keep drinking.  I have found that I need to pay attention, though, when I’m eating something at my desk.  I’m so busy that I found that I would just take a big bite of something just to finish it so I could keep working.  Big mistake!  That’s how I wound up in the bathroom!  It’s happened a few other times as well.  I think part of my problem is remembering how small my stomach is now (about the size of an egg) and remembering that I can’t have the same size portions or bite sizes that I had prior to surgery.  So I’m focusing on 2 protein shakes a day (30g of protein each) and supplementing with just a little bit of solids (hard boiled egg, string cheese, thin-sliced lunchmeat) so I can still chew something.

So far since my surgery, I am down 15 lbs.  I was weighing myself everyday, but then I stopped because I was getting discouraged.  My first week home, every time I stepped on the scale, it was down a pound or two.  Then it just kinda stopped, so I was getting frustrated.  Now, by weighing myself once a week, I actually am seeing the scale go down each time so it boosts my morale.

Well, it’s back to work for me tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to it. I was able to go to our work holiday party on Friday. While my co-workers were all happy to see me and said that they can already see a change in my face, they also informed me that there are stacks of work that have been left on my desk for the last 2 weeks. Lovely!

On a much better note, I had my first pre-op visit with my surgeon last Friday.  He said everything looks great and I’m progressing on schedule.  So far, I have lost 10 lbs (after losing the 8 lbs of water weight that I gained in the hospital being on an IV for 3 days straight!). 

He also allowed me to start going to soft foods.  As soon as he told me that, I immediately stopped at the grocery store and picked up some eggs.  I had the best scrambled egg of my life!!!  It was wonderful to be able to chew something again after being on liquids for 2 weeks.  I can also have tuna, crab, shrimp, and other soft foods.  I can also try vegetables if they are steamed and super-super soft.  Next weekend, he said that I can try ground meat (chicken, turkey and beef).  For now, my cats are going a little crazy because I’ve been eating tuna and shrimp all weekend.  I also had some steamed salmon at the holiday party.  I ate the size of about 3 pre-op bites and half a hard-boiled egg.  I was stuffed to the gills!  I’m still learning how much I can eat.  I have to try new things one at a time to see if anything disagrees with me.  It’s kinda like starting a baby on solid foods.

Yesterday, I went out for the first time by myself.  My big trip was to drive over to the grocery store.  I had moved my car out of the garage on Saturday so Jeff could get to his work stuff, but I haven’t really driven at all since my surgery.  When I moved the car, it felt ok reaching the pedals but when I turned the wheel, I felt a twinge in my side.

So yesterday I decided it was time to try again.  I drove like a grandma but I made it to the store.  I grabbed a cart so I could lean on it and put all my purchases in the top basket so I wouldn’t have to reach down into the cart.

The trip itself was successful.  I was tired by the time I got home, but I felt good having gotten out and been a little independent.

Today I ventured over to Kohl’s because I wanted to get some supportive sports bras that I can wear to work next week.  My doctor suggested not wearing underwire for a few weeks, and the girls will have a mind of their own without a bra.  No thank you!!  I was also able to find some stretchy black pants that are nice enough for me to wear to work.  My plan was to get some leggings and wear oversized shirts/sweaters until I get to my goal weight, and then I will buy more clothes.  Most of the leggings there were skin-tight, but I was able to find a couple pairs that look good and don’t suck the life out of my legs.

Today is exactly one week from my surgery date.  I’m kinda surprised myself about how well I’m feeling.  This weekend, Jeff and I went out a couple times.  We ran a couple errands and took a brief trip to the grocery store.  I felt pretty good doing it.  I was a kinda tired by the time we got home, but overall it still felt good to get out and see the real world.

I’m not really taking any pain medicine anymore.  I took some Friday night before bed, and I did take a little more last night before bed.  But I’m still happy that I’m not having to rely on medication to get thru the day.

Mostly I’ve been hanging out at home and trying to get in all my protein.  My goal is 80-100 grams of protein each day, which is harder than it sounds when I can only take in so much at a time.  For example, my protein drink that I’ve been drinking (Premier shake from Costco, 30 grams of protein in each serving) takes me about 2 hours to drink and it is 11 oz.  I’m trying to take things really slow and make sure I don’t over-do it.

My little cat, Pixie, is quite happy to have me home!  Jeff told me that she missed me when I was gone.  She would jump up on the bed and look at my empty spot and then snuggle with him.  He said that she didn’t seem to have a lot of energy.  When I came home on Wednesday, she started running around the house like crazy, and started scratching her cat tree and the rug, both of which are her “happy cat” signs.  All weekend she was quite content to sit in my lap until I had to get up.  Even now, she’s laying right next to me as close as she can get!  I think she’s afraid I’ll leave again.  It’s cute to see her so happy that I’m home.  🙂

Are those crickets I hear??

Oh hey there!!  How’s it going?  Yes, yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I know, I suck!!!  LOL!!!  But I do have good reasons for that.  Mrs. Kitty hit it on the head in her last blog post, which made me think that I should post something so that you wouldn’t think this space has been abandoned.

When I began blogging, I absolutely loved it.  LOVED IT!!!!!  It was such a freeing experience to be able to say anything I wanted to without being interrupted.  I have done journaling in the past and it has always been such a great way to get my feelings out in the open and look at them from another perspective.  Having people comment on my experiences was just the icing on the cake for me!  How great to have people understand and relate to things that I was going thru.  It made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and the feelings that I was having were totally normal. 

Of course, blogging wasn’t always such a great thing.  I got busted at work for blogging when I should have been working.  Ooopss!!!  But how could I not??  I had so much to say, and still do!!  I seem to have an opinion on everything, and I love being able to express it so openly.

 The other issue that I have had with blogging is having family members read it.  I guess part of that is my fault.  I was so excited when I started blogging that I was telling everyone about my page and welcoming them to come visit.  For the most part, that was great.  It was a great way for my family and friends to keep up with what was going on in my life.  But it turned ugly after a few posts when a family member criticized my actions in one of my posts.  This person sent me a lengthy email, chastising me for each item in a particular post.  I felt like this person had slapped me across the face for being ME, which, sorry to tell you, isn’t going to change any time soon!  This slap sent shock waves thru me.  I couldn’t believe my innocent little blog was being used against me.

 Since then, I have been very hesitant to post anything.  My free and open space has suddenly become claustrophobic and I wanted out of here.  Which is part of the reason for the lack of posts in the last few months (the other reason being that I’m just so freaking busy!!!!).  I’m not sure what to do with this situation.

 I have considered making my blog private but I enjoy it when people I know and don’t know stumble upon it and comment.  I have considered creating a new site and directing those I want to keep in contact with to the new site.  I’m still not sure what to do.  It is slightly comforting to know that I am not alone in this conundrum, but it really sucks.

I have been nurturing my little cocoons for about a week now.  Every day  I come home from work and see if any progress has been made.  Every day there was no movement, no indication that my little cocoons were hard at work.  But they were!!!


They were not very pretty! 

But today when I was at work, Jeff sent me a text message that they were starting to hatch.  I was so excited!!!  But I felt like a working mother who was missing a big day in their child’s life.  I felt so bad that I wasn’t home to watch it happen.  By the time I got home, 8 butterflies had hatched.


(Thankfully the instructions said that there might be some red liquid that comes out.  There is red liquid all over one side of the habitat.  At first I thought there was a little Butterfly Fight Club action going on.  First rule of Fight Club……don’t talk about Fight Club!!!)


I think they look like monarchs, but the booklet only refers to them as Painted Ladies.  I’m not sure if that’s a generic term for butterflies or a type of butterfly. 

I also had to save one of my butterflies already.  The booklet says that you can put cut watermelon, bananas and oranges in the habitat and the butterflies will drink the juice.  Apparently the first butterfly to hatch landed on a banana slice.  The juice must have been really good because he looked a little drunk and fell off the banana.  The bad part was that his wing landed on the wet banana and he wasn’t strong enough yet to lift himself off of it. 

I told Jeff that I just had to save him!  He said I should just let him deal with it, but he was stuggling so much.  I reached in and let him grab onto my finger and lifted him off the banana.  He stayed on my hand for a minute before I gently set him back down.  I like to think that he was thanking me for helping him, but really he was probably just thinking “What the heck was THAT thing??  And why was I stuck to it?”  They’ve been thru a big change today, so now they’ll just rest tonight. 

I still have 4 cocoons yet to hatch so maybe I’ll have a few more yet.  My plan is to watch them for a few days and then release them outside.  I’m hoping that they will lay their eggs outside and we’ll see more butterflies around our house.


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