Today is the start of week 5 post-op.  Overall, I feel really good.  I have more energy than I did before and my joints don’t hurt as much as they did before my surgery.  I’ve been going on my lunchtime walks at work, and trying to hit the gym at home as often as I can.  I did a 3 mile walk the other day and I felt great!  A little sore the next day, but I still felt great.

One thing that I noticed is that my stamina is increasing.  At work, I often get called into my manager’s office and we discuss various work related topics.  I stand next to her desk so I can see her computer monitor while she is drafting an email or whatever.  Prior to my surgery, I would only want to stand there for about 10 minutes before I pulled up a chair so I could sit down.  Last week, I had been in her office for a while when I suddenly realized that I had been standing there for an hour and didn’t even realize it!  My ankles and knees are already feeling the lighter load. 

I’m slowly introducing new foods back into my diet.  Tonight I had some salmon, which was great.  My daily diet has been consisting of usually 2 protein drinks (110 cal each), string cheese (50 cal), hard boiled egg (70 cal), maybe some cottage cheese (50 cal), maybe a little chicken or tuna.  My total caloric intake each day is probably about 500-600 calories.  My goal is to eat high protein foods so that my body doesn’t feel like I’m going into starvation mode, which would make my body want to hold on to everything.  I aim for 80-100 grams of protein a day.  The protein drinks help that goal a lot, since they are 30 g of protein each.  I also have to drink 64 oz of fluids during the day.  I have been getting closer but I still need to keep working on drinking throughout the day.  It’s very easy when I’m at home, but at work I get so busy that I forget to drink.  I’ve been starting to put my drink between me and my keyboard so that I’m forced to move it so that I can type, and I just move it to my lips!

Speaking of which, as of this morning, I am down a total of 17 lbs since my surgery.  It’s been really nice to see the number on the scale going down along with my BMI. 

So here are some pictures of me, taken this evening.  I don’t really see too much of a difference myself, but everyone tells me that they can see the changes in my face.  As my dad put it, I now have a jawline!  🙂