Hello all!

I wanted to give you all a quick update on how I’m doing.  Things have been so crazy busy with returning to work and the holidays!

I’ve been feeling really good.  I’ve started walking during my lunchtime at work.  Since it’s been raining cats and dogs here in California, I’ve been walking laps around in our underground employee parking lot.  I grabbed my iPod and earbuds and just got moving!  I felt a little strange at first walking around a parking lot, but I’ve actually seen several other people walking while I was doing my laps, so I guess it’s not that strange.

I’ve been eating soft foods, although I am still learning how much I can eat.  I have over done it a few times and thrown up.  My second day back to work, I was sitting on the floor in the employee bathroom puking.  It was lovely!!  I started bringing a lunchpail with freezer packs to work, so I keep my liquids and protein right at my desk to remind me to keep drinking.  I have found that I need to pay attention, though, when I’m eating something at my desk.  I’m so busy that I found that I would just take a big bite of something just to finish it so I could keep working.  Big mistake!  That’s how I wound up in the bathroom!  It’s happened a few other times as well.  I think part of my problem is remembering how small my stomach is now (about the size of an egg) and remembering that I can’t have the same size portions or bite sizes that I had prior to surgery.  So I’m focusing on 2 protein shakes a day (30g of protein each) and supplementing with just a little bit of solids (hard boiled egg, string cheese, thin-sliced lunchmeat) so I can still chew something.

So far since my surgery, I am down 15 lbs.  I was weighing myself everyday, but then I stopped because I was getting discouraged.  My first week home, every time I stepped on the scale, it was down a pound or two.  Then it just kinda stopped, so I was getting frustrated.  Now, by weighing myself once a week, I actually am seeing the scale go down each time so it boosts my morale.