Yesterday I started my liquid diet.  The beginning of the day wasn’t so bad because I am used to drinking a protein shake for breakfast. 

Jeff and I decided to go out together to run some errands.  I needed to make my car payment at the credit union.  Have you ever seen Operation Repo?  It’s a show about the repo team who go and repo cars that are past due on payments.  Let’s just say antics ensue because there are some CRAZY people out there!!  One guy threw a bowling ball thru his car window as they were taking the car away on a tow truck.  Right,……I’m so upset that you’re taking my car that I’m going to damage MY OWN CAR!!!!!  These people are nuts!!  Anyways, one of the women on the show lives here in our apartment complex.  We’ve seen her driving around a few times, and every time we do we crack up.  She’s one tough cookie!!!  Anyways, our running joke is that we want to make sure we make our car payments so that she doesn’t show up at our door.  She doesn’t have far to go!

After the car payments, we went to Target to pick up some last minute supplies.  I wanted some trashy magazines to read this weekend and during my hospital stay.  We also went over to Panera Bread, where I order some chicken noodle soup sans chicken and vegetables.  Their soup broth is so yummy!  The last stop on our trip was going to Taco Bell for Jeff.  Now before you get all crazy and say “He took you over to Taco Bell while you are on a liquid diet???”, let me say that I told him that he could go thru the drive thru.  I averted my eyes so I didn’t see the menu and made him check the bag to see if everything was there.  But I did hold the bag on the way home, and let me just say it’s a great thing that I can’t smell anything because I think I would have torn that bag up!!  I kept muttering to myself “soup broth, soup broth, soup broth”. 

As soon as we got home, I went in the bedroom to eat my soup while Jeff ate his Taco Bell.  Hey, I can’t smell but I sure as heck didn’t want to WATCH him eat it!  Overall the day was ok.  I started to get a little light headed, so Jeff made a protein shake for me.  I ate/drank soup broth, protein shakes, iced tea, sugar-free jello and sugar-free pudding, and ended the day with a sugar-free popcicle.

Today is my bowel cleanse.  As I type, I am drinking my magnesium citrate.  My take on this little bottle: lemon flavored horse piss.  I haven’t had much experience with horse piss, but if I did, I’m pretty sure this bottle would taste like it.  They try to disguise it with the lemon flavor, but no dice.  I was explaining the taste to Jeff.  The first few sips taste like a super tart Sprite, but after now drinking a whole bottle of it, the Sprite taste has left the building and all I’m left with is horse piss.  Lovely!!!

Well, I better run along.  The bottle says that things should happen within 30 minutes to 6 hours, so I think I should see something soon.  My stomach is starting to churn so I can only imagine what I have in store today.  Jeff has strict instructions to stay away from my bathroom and only slide a magazine or two under the door.