Well, I’ve got three days to go until surgery. 

Thanksgiving was great.  The food was awesome!  My dad cooked the dark meat of the turkey in the crockpot for 14 hours, and cooked the white meat in the oven.  The white meat was super moist because we didn’t have to wait for the dark meat to cook thru and dry out the white meat.  Which is my favorite part!  Plus my sister made a yummy lasagna. 

I managed to control myself and only had 1 plate of food.  I also controlled myself today with my last day of solid food for a while.  Jeff and I went to the movies to see Harry Potter and I enjoyed some popcorn with my nacho cheese powder on top.  Very classy!!  Especially the powder sheen that ended up on my chest.  VERY classy!  Then we went to McDonald’s for dinner.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn’t really have a craving for anything in particular.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a few fries.  I also enjoyed some sweet tea.  Very tasty!

So I’m preparing for my all liquids starting tomorrow.  I’ve already warned Jeff that if he eats anywhere near me, I might have to cut him.  No joke!