Oh hey there!!  How’s it going?  Yes, yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I know, I suck!!!  LOL!!!  But I do have good reasons for that.  Mrs. Kitty hit it on the head in her last blog post, which made me think that I should post something so that you wouldn’t think this space has been abandoned.

When I began blogging, I absolutely loved it.  LOVED IT!!!!!  It was such a freeing experience to be able to say anything I wanted to without being interrupted.  I have done journaling in the past and it has always been such a great way to get my feelings out in the open and look at them from another perspective.  Having people comment on my experiences was just the icing on the cake for me!  How great to have people understand and relate to things that I was going thru.  It made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and the feelings that I was having were totally normal. 

Of course, blogging wasn’t always such a great thing.  I got busted at work for blogging when I should have been working.  Ooopss!!!  But how could I not??  I had so much to say, and still do!!  I seem to have an opinion on everything, and I love being able to express it so openly.

 The other issue that I have had with blogging is having family members read it.  I guess part of that is my fault.  I was so excited when I started blogging that I was telling everyone about my page and welcoming them to come visit.  For the most part, that was great.  It was a great way for my family and friends to keep up with what was going on in my life.  But it turned ugly after a few posts when a family member criticized my actions in one of my posts.  This person sent me a lengthy email, chastising me for each item in a particular post.  I felt like this person had slapped me across the face for being ME, which, sorry to tell you, isn’t going to change any time soon!  This slap sent shock waves thru me.  I couldn’t believe my innocent little blog was being used against me.

 Since then, I have been very hesitant to post anything.  My free and open space has suddenly become claustrophobic and I wanted out of here.  Which is part of the reason for the lack of posts in the last few months (the other reason being that I’m just so freaking busy!!!!).  I’m not sure what to do with this situation.

 I have considered making my blog private but I enjoy it when people I know and don’t know stumble upon it and comment.  I have considered creating a new site and directing those I want to keep in contact with to the new site.  I’m still not sure what to do.  It is slightly comforting to know that I am not alone in this conundrum, but it really sucks.