It’s seems like it’s been forever since I blogged.  Well, part of that is that I have no time at all!!

I’ve started taking a CPA review course to prep for the CPA exam.  Let me just say that if the exam is as tough as this class, I-am-screwed!!! 

 The first day of the class didn’t seem so bad.  Mind you, this class meets near my office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-10pm.  Harsh, especially after a l-o-n-g day at work.  But I signed up for it.  I feel like I’m signing up for torture.  I think if I signed up for someone to pull out my fingernails and toenails one by one, it would be less painful than this.  “Would you like to pay thousands of dollars for someone to confirm the fact that you know nothing?”  Why, yes, that sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

 The first class wasn’t so bad.  I think that’s how they sucker you in.  The teacher was this rather large, rather sweaty man who seemed like he was cracked up on too much of something.  Let’s just say he was very hyper and energetic.  I’m not pointing fingers or anything, but I’m pretty sure he was on something.  After the first judgmental view I had of him, he actually was a pretty good teacher.  And he tried to be funny.  He went thru the book and pointed out areas that we really need to focus on, and areas that they won’t test too much on.  Sounds like just the class I need.

 The second class is where the other shoe dropped.  There was a different teacher.  Ok, I thought.  How bad could this guy be?  It was obvious that his drug of choice was a Coca-Cola, sitting precariously on the lectern.  At least I wouldn’t have to guess what was amping this guy up.  He began the class by saying that this was a very important topic.  I got my highlighter ready.

 And then he proceeded to READ-FROM-THE-BOOK!!!  After working all day, the last thing I needed was to have someone read to me.  I’m sorry, is this the English majors test that I’m gearing up for?  I don’t think so.  I know how to read on my own.  I’ve been doing it a LONG time now!!!  (In fact, I used to get paid to read books instead of watch tv.  Until my dad and step-mom realized what a costly venture that was!!!)  Needless to say, I love to read.  What I would love even more is if this guy actually TAUGHT something that would be useful.  There’s a novel idea!! 

 The biggest concern this guy had was how much time he was “banking”.  “The second half of this lecture is really intense, so we need to make some time here”.  By doing that, he ignored all questions and didn’t allow enough time to actually work the problems on our own.  Instead he slapped his illegible writing up on the board and moved on.  The other thing?  I think this guy was one of those legal guys at the end of commercials in a past life.  He talked so damn fast!!!  At one point I found myself just staring at him, not realizing that actual words were coming out his mouth.  It sounded like just noise. 

 I was slightly reassured when leaving the class.  I rode down in the elevator with a few classmates.  I asked them if they were as confused and lost as I was.  Two of them said yes, that guy was horrible.  The third student just had a look of terror on his face and couldn’t seem to muster up any words.  I feel you, man!!!

 After having taken classes online for the last few years, I have gotten very accustomed to doing school on my own time.  Attend when I have time.  That’s really the way to go.  Sure, there are deadlines to meet, but as long as I have my work turned in by the due date, everyone is happy. 

 I’m thinking about switching back to that.  This program does offer a home study option.  They send you discs with the lectures on it (thankfully done by someone at corporate who talks slower and I can actually understand.  And even if he says something too fast, that’s what the rewind button is for!).

 This test is super important for me to pass (not to mention costly, so it behooves me to pass on the first try), so I want to be as prepared as I possibly can be. 

 Eagerly awaiting my lecture discs to come in the mail!!!