So I have officially survived my first tax day at an accounting firm.  Phew!!  It was quite crazy!  Especially with Betty’s help.  She definitely added an element of drama and insanity.

Now I am counting the days until my vacation.  I’m getting so antsy now!!!  I have one more day of work, and then I’m free for a week.  YIPPEE!!!!  Jeff and I are taking a trip down to San Diego to go to the Wild Animal Kingdom Park.  They have a butterfly jungle exhibit that I’m dying to see.  We’re also going to take a 3 hour safari trip in the park and feed girraffes and rhinos.  I’m so excited about it!!!  And, my honey being as awesome as he is, found an On The Border restaurant down there that we’re going to see.  Unfortunately the one near us closed down January 1st, so I haven’t been able to satisfy my crack-cheese addiction.  He’s has Map Quested directions to the closest one in San Diego, so I will get to enjoy my chicken flautas and cheese.  Yum!!!  That’s just one of the things I’m really looking forward to!!!  🙂

I’ll have lots of pictures when we come back!!  Stay tuned!!