Yesterday I had a little blast from the past.  It all started with a text message from my SIL.

She asked me about a month ago where she could find someone to be the Easter bunny.  Back in the day, I worked at a local amusement park as a costume character.  It was really fun and a great way to meet people.  I worked in the park walking around, in the kids stage show and in the nightly parade.  It was a great job for a person right out of high school.  The hours were great and the pay was better than minimum wage.

So, thinking that my sister was planing a party for her kids and wanted the Easter Bunny to show up, I told her that if she should just rent a suit and I would show up as the Easter Bunny.  As it turned out, the event for which she was looking for a character was the grand re-opening of the store she works at. The store is a childrens’ clothing resale store, and the owner wanted a character to be there for the re-opening.

I told her that was still fine.  I thought I was just going to be doing a favor for my SIL, but now I’m going to get paid for it?  I’m ok with that!!

Her manager was going back and forth over what costume to get.  I guess the Easter Bunny thing is for an event on Good Friday, which I can’t go to because of my regular work.  So now she wanted to find a gender neutral character for the re-opening.  Up until Friday, I thought I was going to be Tigger.  As it turned out, the Tigger costume didn’t get there in time but the Scooby Doo one did.  So here I am….


I thought the happy-face eyes were an interesting touch

I kept grabbing frisbees and playing outside the store

This little girl in the pink shirt LOVED me!! I also kept grabbing frisbees and playing outside the store. It's difficult to throw and catch a frisbee when you can only see a few inches!

I also became that poor person you see standing on the sidewalk, waving a sign to pull cars in off the street into the parking lot for a particular store.  Yep, that was me.  It was definitely a change from my bookkeeping day job!!

Overall it was really fun.  I completely forgot how tiring it would be though.  I did know I would sweat up a storm, as Mrs. Kitty can attest to, but I forgot about how exhausted I would be afterwards.  Maybe because when I did it before, I was doing it 5-6 days a week, and got into the groove of it.  I actually was in pretty good shape because I would sweat everything out.  I have sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed.  Mostly my thighs are sore from bending down all day to be on eye level to the kids, but I’m just plain sore all over.  And there was something in the head that was rubbing on my chin so my chin is all red and raw.  Good times!!  How am I going to explain that one to the accounting firm????  Hmmm…..

(Side note to Mrs. Kitty……I kept thinking of your help with the binder and only noticed from the pictures afterwards that I really could have used your knee-in-my-back routine to help keep Scooby from looking a little feminine!)

So tomorrow it’s back to the normal 9-6 job!!