I hope you all had a great St Patrick’s Day!  My day was filled with all things green.

I started out the day like Dr Seuss….


Here I am enjoying my green eggs and ham!


The whole time, Jeff and I kept saying how disgusting it looked, but we ate it.  Jeff said if he closed his eyes, it tasted just like regular scrambled eggs.  I have been forbidden from posting the picture that I took of him because he had just gotten out of bed (party pooper!!!).

Then we had a mid-morning snack at work…..


(That’s my nice, organized desk!!!)  Hahahahahaha!!!!

Then after dinner, it was over to McDonalds for a classic.


Let me give you a little insider tip.  My co-worker brought in the Girl Scout cookies today that I had ordered.  Try taking a bite of a Thin Mint and taking a sip of the Shamrock Shake.  Oh lordy!!!  It’s mint overload……and FABULOUS!!!!