All good things must come to an end.  Such was the case with my birthday festivities.  And now that I have awoken from my food coma, I can now blog about it. 

We had a great time.  We celebrated for about 2 weeks, which was awesome.  By Sunday night (the night before my birthday), Jeff said this was the longest birthday celebration ever!!!  As it should be!!!  🙂

On Friday, my managers celebrated my birthday at work.  They decked out my desk with a huge balloon, a cake, cards, and a bunch of candy.  Then they took me out to lunch and took me to get a manicure and pedicure.  I asked since they celebrated on Friday, did I really have to show up on Monday, my actual birthday?  They said no, so I gladly took the day off!!

Over my actual birthday weekend, we had a gaming event on Saturday.  As always, it was super fun.  We won the game (which is always a nice bonus) but just barely!!  I made a really yummy spinach and artichoke dip for everyone to enjoy.  Secretly, I think that is why they tolerate me because I bring good snacks.

On Sunday, I slept in until 11am.  Well, it really only felt like 10am because of the time change.  None the less, it was nice to just sleep in.  After a day lounging around the house, we headed out to Fogo de Chao.  I was ready for my meat galore.  And what a feast it was!!!

We entered the restaurant and directly in front of us was this huge wine rack.


This rack was so big that it works on a system similar to a dry cleaners.  They flip a switch and they all start rotating around until they get to the bottle that they want.  Very cool!!!

Then came the wonderful salad bar.  I tried so hard not to eat too much salad because I wanted to taste all the different meats.  Here we are at our table:


All the gauchos were walking around with such yummy looking meat.  I had to try them all!!!  My plate would be full, but they’d still come by and ask me if I wanted to try something.  Of course I had to say yes!!!


The filet mingon was my personal favorite.  It was so delicious and just melted in your mouth.  And the bacon-wrapped chicken.  Yum!!!  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!!


After all the meat we could possibly eat, Jeff was ready to call it a night.


We went home and were both ready for a nap!!

It was a great birthday treat, one that I won’t soon forget.  Thanks honey!!  🙂