I totally just had a “Dreamgirls” moment singing that song.  Heheheh!!!  🙂

Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately.  I’m still here!!!!  Work and school have just been crazy!  Work has been super busy because we’re getting into tax season (whoo hoo!!  NOT!).  Plus I’m taking on all the billing for one of our clients.  It’s really been all me doing it and my manager doing the receivables.  It’s a little crazy but I can do it!! 

School has also kicked into high gear as well.  I’m working on learning a new software program.  The program itself is a breeze and I totally feel comfortable with it.  It’s just getting down to actually doing it because I’m exhausted by the time I get home from work.  The good news is that I have to finish this class and one more class (mid-February thru March), and then I can start applying to take the CPA exam.  Yay me!!!  I’m a little worried about actually taking the test.  It’s a 4 part test, and if you fail a section, you can re-take it in the next quarter.  I have one year from when I take the first one to pass all the tests.  I’m hoping that my job will pay for me to take a review course before I actually take the test.

So I’m still here, although very busy!!!  I’m still reading all your blogs and getting a good chuckle out of them.  So thanks!!  🙂