Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2009 will be wonderful to you all.  According to my Chinese Astrological Horoscope (if you believe in that sort of thing, and it’s kinda fun to at least read them and either laugh your ass off or seriously decide to change your ways before something horrible happens to you), 2009 is supposed to be a great year for me as a Rooster.  A friend at work gave me a great email about all the different Chinese horoscopes, but I can’t find it online so this link is what you all are stuck with.  Hey, I’m a giver!!!  🙂

2008 was a crazy year for me.  I always take this time to reflect on what happened during the year.

1- In January, Jeff and I decided to move in together.  After 3 years of dating, we both decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl.  The whole time, Jeff just kept saying “I hope we don’t kill each other”.  My answer?  Just do what I tell you and nobody gets hurt.  You can imagine how well that went over!!  🙂  But amidst the rain storm and torn up pavement at Jeff’s old place, we were able to get thru the hurdles and move in together.  We spent the whole month of February still going thru all the CRAP at Jeff’s old place and cleaning it out.  By the last weekend, I thought I was going to kill him if I had to go thru one more box of Playstation swag that he’d been holding onto for years.  The last time we went to his place for the final cleaning, he commented “This is the first time I’ve seen you smile here in a month”.  That’s because we’re almost out of here!!!  Let’s pick up the pace!  Less talking, more cleaning!!

2- After deciding to make the move even though I was going to have to commute about an hour to work, I suddenly was laid off from work.  2 days before my birthday.  SUCK!!!!  We had just taken on a larger rent and now I’m out of a job.  GREAT!!!!  I spent 2 months hunting for a job.  You would think that it would have been a little vacation for me, but I was so stressed out the whole time, I wasn’t able to enjoy it until I got a job.  Then I was inquiring about vacation time!  I did get one job about a month into my unemployment, but I thought I was going to gouge out my eyes with any sharp objects, so I opted to quit after 2 days.  Literally, I felt the life draining out of me at this place.  I’d start work at 8am, and by 8:30, I was looking at the clock, wondering when lunch was.  This job was working for a company that helped people negotiate their IRS debt down.  So basically I was calling the IRS 50 times a day.  These people are not happy campers!!  But luckily I was able to score my job now, so I was super happy.

3-  Jeff and I were able to take a trip to Chicago in July.  I didn’t think I’d be able to go since I had just started my job, but they were totally cool with it.  We had a great time visiting his family and took a trip to Galena, which was really fun but very tiring.  So much walking!!  I felt like I had been at Disneyland for a week the way my feet hurt!!  One highlight from that trip was when we were driving back to his parents’ house after Galena. We were driving in his brother’s car, which had EVERY SINGLE SERVICE LIGHT ON on the dashboard.  We hit a huge thunderstorm, and turned on the wipers.  The wipers kept getting hooked on each other and then the driver’s side one flew off the window and was stuck on the door.  5 times!!!  Good times!!  I thought it was hilarious.  Jeff??  Not so much!!

4- I got to dress up for Halloween, which I haven’t been able to do in 4 years.  Most of the jobs where I have worked (ie banks) tend to frown upon dressing up.  I was able to pull off Mary Katherine Gallagher (SUPERSTAR!!!) one year.  This year, I went with Strawberry Shortcake.  I had so much fun!!!  I tried to get Jeff to be the Purple Pieman, but he wouldn’t go for it.  Oh well.  There’s always next year!! (cue the evil laugh!)

5- Jeff and I celebrated our first Christmas (kinda) living together.  We went out and bought the tree together and had a really fun day decorating it.  Every time we pulled an ornament out, we’d reminisce about where it came from.  To complete the day, we had the crock-pot-in-the-bedbrainstorm.  Let me tell you, so many people are just JEALOUS over that little brainstorm.  Feel free to give it a try.  I suggest getting an extension cord so you can keep your snacks warm.  It was awesome!!!  Hehehe!!!

I’m SO excited to pick up Jeff from the airport tomorrow night.  We’ve talked on the phone a few times, usually for a minimum of an hour, and we’re both missing each other.  It’s amazing that we’ve only been living together for a year and yet I can’t seem to sleep well when he’s not here.  It’s like my body knows somethings amiss.  This happens when he’s here and I go to bed before him.  I keep waking up looking for him.  Even if I don’t wake up when he comes to bed, it’s like I already know because then I sleep soundly thru the night.  So needless to say, I haven’t slept very well since he’s been gone and I’m looking forward to him coming home.  “Hi Jeff, welcome home.  Now let’s go to sleep!!”  Or not. 

He’s been getting a little homesick for me too.  He’s been saying how much he’s ready to come home.  He made the mistake of watching Skin-imax at his brother’s house the other night.  Now he’s REALLY ready to come home!!  I told him that’s like waving a loaded pistol around!

Here’s hoping that 2009 is a great year!!!