After much haggling and the utterance of words that cannot be repeated in polite company, my water heater is FINALLY fixed.  After 4 days of no hot water, I took the hottest shower that I could possibly stand.  I swear,  I thought my skin was going to peel off it was so hot, but it was FABULOUS!!!!  I’m so happy!  I had to threaten bodily harm to our office staff, but it finally got fixed. 

I have taken 3 showers since last night.  Apply, scrub, rinse, repeat.  Obsess much????  Why, yes I do!!!!

On another note, I got the cutest pedicure today, and I totally wanted to post pictures of my fabulous toes.  They are a cute red sparkly color and I have the greatest snowflake and snowman on my big toes.  But when I turned on my desktop computer, a loud screeching noise came out of the battery backup thing it’s plugged in to, and I don’t know how to fix it without Jeff being here.  So, no pictures until he calls me back and tells me how to fix it. 

So what have we learned today???  I will make you swim with the fishies if you take away my hot water for 4 days again, and I have no idea how to operate my own computer.  I’m so glad I’m a college graduate!!!