Day 2 with no hot water and I’m getting a little delusional.  I finally broke down and HAD to take a shower.  Since I can’t smell, I can not comment on if I smelled or not.  My guess is that I was not as pleasant as a rose!

When I got up this morning, I decided that if I couldn’t shower at my house, I would outsmart my apartment complex and find a shower elsewhere.  I packed all my shower stuff up in a bag and grabbed my bathing suit and towel.  I was planning on going to the pool area and showering there.  HA!!!  I’ll show them!

I got all bundled up (it was like 40 degrees out!!) (in my pajamas and Ugg boots, no less!)  and headed down to the OUTDOOR shower in our pool area.  Yes, I was so desperate that I was willing to take a shower in my bathing suit outside just to be able to wash my hair that was sticking so grossly to my head.  I got all my stuff together in the shower area and go to turn on the water…….NO WATER!!  Damn!!!  Ok, well I’ll try the other pool area.  I walked back over to my house and grabbed the car (you think I’m going to WALK over there????  I don’t think so!!)

I get all the way over to our apartment office and the main pool area.  Again, I get all ready for my shower, and NO WATER!!!  What the hell!!!!

I got back to my place and decided “How bad could a cold shower really be???”  Well, let me tell you, I thought my lungs were going to cave in because I could not BREATHE it was so cold!!!  I felt like I jumped in an icy cold lake and was stuck in there. 

My maintenance people came over yesterday to look at the pilot light, but apparently leaving a note or calling me was too much to ask because I still have no idea what’s wrong with it.  I went into the office today and they had no idea.  I’m telling you, if I don’t get hot water soon, I’m going to be arrested for killing someone, possibly with an icicle that I pull from my shower head!!