I’ve been a little MIA lately.  After my mishap at work, I haven’t been able to check my blog at work.  What the heck???  Give me access to a computer and then chastise my expertise at multi-tasking???  Some people just can’t appreciate a hard worker. 

Last weekend, Jeff and I got into the holiday spirit and got a Christmas tree.  This is our first year living together so it was pretty fun to decorate the tree together.  However we ended up getting a bum tree that doesn’t want to drink up any water and the needles are starting to get a little brittle already.  I told Jeff to take a screwdriver to it tonight and stab it in hopes of getting a fresh cut into the inside of the trunk.  Hopefully it will start to take up water soon.  We’re hoping that we haven’t already lost it.


He even tolerated all my Tinkerbell decorations, including my Tinkerbell tree topper.  Her wings even light up and change colors.


I’m a sucker for any Tinkerbell ornaments that I find.  I had a total of 6 on the tree so far.


Then we decided to take our picture together with our first Christmas tree.


Maybe this should be our Christmas photo

Maybe this should be our Christmas photo

After all the Christmas festivities, we were famished and decided to take a break to watch the 24 movie that was on tv a week ago.  I had Tivoed it because we were out on the night it was on.  Since the Tivo is in the bedroom and we had bought a meatball and little smokie crockpot dish to snack on, we decided to just bring the party into the bedroom.

Enjoying a little snack

Enjoying a little snack

He was quite perturbed that I felt the need to take pictures of him doing everything, so he quickly grabbed the camera from me and took a picture of me.

Caught little smokie-handed

Caught meatball-handed

And yes, we did plug it in to keep our snack warm.  I have a little dipper that we did this with before, but this was just cracking us up, eating from the crockpot in bed.  Hey, we put the table cloth down, so it’s ok, right???  LOL!!!!

I also got pretty sick this last week.  It started with a sore throat and I tried to take it easy to avoid getting sick.  But unfortunately it wasn’t enough.  I got hit, and I got hit hard!  My voice started to give out, and it finally was just down to a raspy whisper.  I called Jeff a few times to leave breathy voicemails on his phone just to give him a little excitement.  Hehehe!!! 

I finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, and I’m slowly starting to feel better.  My doctor did a strep test on me because that’s what he thinks I have.  I’m still waiting for the results to come back.  But at this point, it probably doesn’t matter if the antibiotics are working.  I never understood that.  Let’s test you and see what you HAD now that you are better.  Makes no sense.

Anyways, I’m starting to feel better which is great.  I wasn’t able to take my niece out to get her Christmas hamster last weekend, so I’m going to have to take her out sometime soon.  I can’t wait to take her to get her own pet!!  🙂