I have had this issue with my eye twitching since Thursday.  It is really super annoying because I think I look like a freak.  Which, in all actually, isn’t too far from the truth, but I digress.  Jeff said that he couldn’t even tell.  I kept rubbing my eyes to get them to stop twitching, which just weirds him out more cause he thinks I’ll hurt my eyes.  Surprisingly for someone who wears contacts and touches his eyes on a daily basis, he’s squeemish about seeing me do it.

I think it may be from *GASP* reading my Kindle too much.  I work 40 hours staring blankly working in front of 2 computer screens all day and then in my down time, I’m spending hours reading on my Kindle.  Which is pretty much what I did all day Sunday while Jeff played his videogame, and enjoyed my French Onion dip that didn’t end up going bad in the car on Saturday.  It was bliss!!!

I have glasses that I’m supposed to wear when I’m using the computer but who needs glasses???  I mean really???  So today I broke down and put them on at work.  And guess what???  NO MORE TWITCHING!!!!  Horray!!!

However, I did get my hair cut on Friday and I’m so not used to seeing myself with glasses.  Everytime I walk by a mirror, I scare myself a little bit.  I think it’s someone else.  Here are what my glasses look like:


(Model not included!)  They are purple cat eye glasses.  ‘Cuz that’s just the way I roll!!

So now when I walk by a mirror, I keep thinking that I should have my hair all pulled back with my glasses on.  I should swing my hair down and around, and look seductively at someone and start singing “I’m Hot For Teacher”.  Maybe jump up on a car or something.  Yes, I DO believe that I am stuck in an 80’s metal song and I’m the star.  What’s wrong with that????

Maybe I need to stop listening to Jack FM!!!!