Today Jeff and I went out and started our Christmas shopping.  Jealous much???  I know you are!!  We tried to get a jump on it so we’re not fighting the crowds as the big day draws closer. 

We began at Costco, which was a mad house!  I’ve never seen so many cars there!  We ran into my aunt and uncle there, who were quite incredulous that we only bought a few items and were able to carry it to the car without a cart.  They, on the other hand, looked like they could have used a second cart to hold all their loot.  One of the good things about shopping with Jeff: in, out, on with life.

We also went to Toys R Us and the mall.  I was shocked I was able to get Jeff into a mall on a weekend.  Well, it was some stores on the outskirt of the mall, but close enough.  It was on mall property.  He HATES malls!!  Too many people, I suppose.  I can usually get him there on a week night because it’s not too crowded.  But on a Saturday???  Forget it!!  I might as well wait for the real Santa to climb down my non-existant chimney, ’cause that’s how soon I’ll get Jeff into a mall on a weekend.  What, there’s no Santa, you say????  Well, hell!!  There goes that idea!

But I will give him credit, he did go and we had a fun time.  We had lunch at Johnny Rockets, which being from the mid-west, he had never been to.  It’s very similar to a Steak ‘N Shake for all you mid-westerners out there.  We were be-bopping away to oldies music as we ate our burgers.  Yum!!  My kind of place.  🙂

We were both very successful in our shopping.  I actually only have 3 more people to shop for, and Jeff is pretty close to finishing his list as well.  SWEET!!

During our shopping adventure, I started thinking about getting Christmas cards.  I love sending out Christmas cards and seeing the ones that I get in return.  I love the funny ones the best.  I also get cards that have pictures of people’s kids on them.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Little Suzy and Bobby are sitting posed for the picture, while you can just tell they want to rip those bows out of her hair and go roll around in the mud for a while.  While these are very cute, I never know what to send out in reply.  Seeing as we don’t have kids, it wouldn’t make sense for us to send out pictures of random kids.  Hmmmm….maybe we SHOULD do that just to confuse the relatives that don’t see us on a regular basis.  “Look grandma, I have 3 kids to support.  Send money now!!”. 

Or my other thought is to take pictures of ourselves in random poses and send that out with our cards.  We could take pictures of us BBQ-ing, grocery shopping, or Jeff playing his video games with me reading next to him.  “This is our life”.

My favorite idea, though, has to be taking a picture of us, sleeping in until 11am while surrounded by piles of money, expensive electronic gadgets littered around the room.  I think this is what we should send out to every family that sends us a picture of their kids.  “This is the kind of life we have without kids”.  I think the text in the card would read: “See, THIS is our life.  Maybe you could enjoy that too if you didn’t have so many gosh darn kids!  Merry Christmas, and good luck on saving for those braces that little Timmy needs.  Thanks for procreating so much that now my Christmas shopping will take a government bailout to complete”.  Yep….I think we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!!