Go on, people!  Get out there and vote. 

Exercise your civic duty and get in those polling lines.  We have to make changes to the current government regime, and the only way to do that is to get off your butt and make your voice heard.  I promise it won’t hurt!!!  (Well, maybe a little if you accidently poke yourself with the little chad hole puncher, but other than that….no pain at all!!!)  Many Americans died to give you the opportunity to have your voices heard in a Democratic and free nation.  Don’t let polling officials influence your vote, and report anyone at a polling place giving you a hard time.  If you’re not sure where your polling place is, click here.  Take your time when voting to make sure you have filled out your ballot as intended, and feel free to ask for a new ballot if you think you’ve made a mistake.

You probably have an opinion about what’s been going on lately.  Make your voice heard!!  Tell them what you think!  Don’t feel overwhelmed if you haven’t researched all the propositions.  Vote on the ones you care about and skip the ones you’re unsure of.  At least then your vote will be counted on what you care about. 

Jeff and I have been scouring the voter booklets that we received.  We’ve had a politcal discussion almost every night for the last few weeks.  And surprisingly, it hasn’t come to blows yet!!  We filled out our sample ballots and are planning on comparing what we are each voting for.  We do have the same presidential candidate picked out, so that makes it a little easier.

I voted 2 weeks ago with an absentee ballot because I had no idea if I would have time to get to the polls today.  So come on, let’s enact some change!!  Let’s be part of a historical presidential election!