Well, the wait is finally over.  I have managed to trick a few people when they tried to guess what my Halloween costume will be.  Only 22% of you were correct on the poll.  My nieces had me pegged from the beginning but I couldn’t let them know.  So here it is……….

I’m Strawberry Shortcake!!!  It was so much fun!!  I felt like a little girl with my poofy skirt and pigtails.  Quite the outfit, I must say.  I was trying to talk Jeff into being the Purple Pieman from the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons, but he opted out of that.  Here are a few more pics…

Here I am hard at work, as always!!

We had a Halloween costume contest at work.  I cleverly brought strawberry cupcakes as bribes for the judges, but they had to be P.C. and gave everyone first place.  WHATEVER!!!

One of my manager’s missed out on the group photo, so here she is.  Her costume was great!  She was Kat von D, and that’s Pixie with her.

My niece and nephew also dressed up.  Madisyn was Dorthoy from the Wizard of Oz.

And Jackson was a Jedi Knight.  He wanted to make sure I got the green light saber in the picture!

My oldest niece Julianna is 12 and getting too old for dressing up.  Too old????  Someone forgot to tell me that then!!  I took her picture as she was getting ready for the party.  At least her shirt says Wicked.

It was pretty fun!  They were off to a Halloween party so it was one more quick photo before they left.

I hope your Halloween was a happy and safe one.  I can’t wait to think of next year’s costume!!