Train wreck posted a comment to my blog that just made me laugh, and I realized that I hadn’t talked about it here.  This happens to us on a VERY regular basis, including our recent trip to Walmart.

We are ALWAYS being mistaken for newlyweds or a married couple.  I guess we just have that happy glow about us.  Jeff and I have been dating for almost 4 years, and you would think that happy look would have been wiped off our faces a long time ago.  The drain of everyday life would have taken it’s toll and we’d be dragging ourselves to just be pleasant to each other.  Apparently not so. 

It all began in the first year we were dating.  We decided to take a trip to Orlando to visit Universal Studios (and because Jeff likes to make fun of the fact that I haven’t traveled very much.  Hey I love California!!!).  Click here if you want to see pics (there are tons!). 

Our first excursion in Orlando was to go to a show called Arabian Nights.  This was similar to Medieval Times but without the fighting.  That’s the best part!!  Basically it was just guys riding around on horses while you ate with your hands.  Still fun though.  Especially the blue drinks that we were able to enjoy even days later.  They put some crazy blue coloring in these drinks that changed our poop blue for days.  I was just glad Jeff experienced it first because I would have thought something was DEFINITELY wrong with me if I had seen it first.  Anyways, we had an elderly couple sitting next to us(smartly avoiding the blue drinks, I might add), and the guy was chatting me up.  He asked me “So are you guys here on your honeymoon?”.  This is how it all began!!  I turned to Jeff to see his reaction (mind you, we had only been dating about a year, and I wasn’t sure if he would get freaked out by someone saying that to us.  Some guys are like that).  Thankfully, he just smiled about it and told the man that we were just vacationing and it was left at that.

Later in the trip we went on a kyacking adventure down a river.  It was so blazing hot, and we were the only ones on the tour, so we had our guides’ full attention.  As we are casually paddling down the river, he asks me “So what does your husband do for a living?”  I quickly turned around to see Jeff’s expression and we both just started quietly laughing.

Even this weekend it happened when we were at the checkout at Walmart on Saturday.  We had shopped and filled our shopping cart with Chef Boyardee goodness and walked to the front to check out.  We decided since we were going to be spliting the cost of everything, we would go thru the “20 items or less” line, since he would do a transaction of less than 20 items and I would do a transaction of less than 20 items.  I know, I know, we were probably cheating on that but we each bought less than 20 items!!!  The cashier was making casual conversation with me (I checked out first).  Then she saw Jeff unloading his stuff to do his transaction.  She said “Oh, you don’t have to make your husband do a separate transaction just so you can be under the 20 item limit.  You are such a nice couple, I would hate to have you separate your stuff”.  Cracked me up!!!  Again, Jeff and I just smiled at each other and let the comment pass, which is what we usually do. 

It has become an inside joke to us now, and we just smile at each other whenever it happens.  He is always being mistaken as Mr. Smith and I get called Mrs. Hoffman all the time.  Everywhere we go, this happens to us.  Maybe people don’t think we’re dating because we’re not all over each other, groping each other in public.  Maybe it’s the quiet ease that exists between us.  We’re not like some married couples who you see in the stores arguing with each other and screaming at each other.  In fact, we RARELY even argue at all.  I guess this is just another confirmation that we’re perfect together.  🙂

Thanks for the comment, Trainwreck.  It made me reminisce on all the times we’ve been called husband and wife.