I didn’t realize my Chef Boyardee quest would raise so many people’s interests!!  I was sent a bunch of emails about it, and it was requested in many to take pictures of the quest, so without further adiu, sit back and relax.  Perhaps grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as I give you ….THE QUEST FOR CHEF BOYARDEE!!!!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away……Hey wait a minute!  That’s Star Wars.  Jeff, how’d you get in here????  Let me start again….

*achem* A long time ago in a land far, far away, Jeff and Jenn decided to go on a quest for Chef Boyardee.  They were famished and needed nurishment after a long walk thru the forest.   After having some encounters with some other fairy tale creatures (ie. after all our other errands were done!), they decided to head to the land of enchantment, the land of fulfillment, the land of……WALMART!!!

As they fought their way thru the crowded parking lot, they were determined to get inside and find the jewels hidden within.  They passed many “interesting” fairy tale creatures, such as a woman at the front door asking for canned food items. and the greeter at the door who was missing most of the teeth in her mouth.  Boy, could she smile big!!!  She reminded me of the witch in Hansel and Gretel.  But that’s another fairy tale story.   Back to our heroes….

They fought their way thru the store, seemingling trying to be detered by all the other shoppers and the screaming children (I counted 5!).  As they rounded the corner, the heavens opened up and a choir of angels was heard from above…….

Can’t you just hear the singing voices????  (Of course I had to take pictures, to which Jeff replied that I’m obsessed with this blog.  True dat!)  Well, after pushing old women with shopping carts out of the way, our hero was able to capture one of the prizes.

Doesn’t he look happy about his conquest???  He was determined to find the spagetti with JUMBO meatballs.  🙂  And our heroine was able to save the fair princess…

Ahhh, the fair maidens are safe again.  So we headed home to the happy house with our bounty and got the stove going.

A sampling of our purchases

A sampling of our purchases

I tried to class up the action with some garlic bread, but it was still pasta in a can!!

Jeff enjoying the JUMBO meatballs

Jeff enjoying the JUMBO meatballs

Cue another comment about being obsessed with blogging and “Are you really going to take a picture of me eating this???”  Yes, as a matter of fact I am!!!

Enjoying some good ol' Spagetti O's

Enjoying some good ol Spagetti O's

Alas, the bounty could not last and we ate every last bite.

Perhaps now we will have the energy to go on another adventure another day!!  Maybe the next quest will be the quest for bubblegum ice cream.