I was so excited to tell you all about my car repairs and my day in heaven aka Costco, that I forgot to tell you all about our trip to the Spooky House on Saturday. 


We went a little early because we were hoping to get in before the crowds got there.  Because we are cheap, we bought just the regular ticket and didn’t upgrade to the VIP line.  Hey, I’m a VIP in my own mind, why do I need to purchase a ticket for that???  Besides there weren’t too many people ahead of us in line….

Well, we ended up waiting outside in line for about an hour.  Mind you, there was probably, oh, 25 people ahead of us, but it still took them an hour to get us to the front of the line.  Sheesh!!!  Jeff was convinced this was a marketing ploy to make people who were passing by think this was the happening place, and make them stop too.  We were stuck outside with a crazy DJ from a local Latino station blasting music at us.  We were having a good laugh though because in line right behind us were an old couple (ie. in their 70’s) with some of their younger friends (probably in their 30’s).  Jeff said that will be us when we get old.  Hopefully I’ll still have my teeth.  Surprisingly grandma was tapping her toe to the rap music that the DJ was playing.  Cracked me up!!!

One highlight of being stuck out there so long was that we got to see all the newcomers get scared from the monsters.  I, according to Jeff, don’t get scared enough so now we watch all the other people getting scared.  Just as fun, in my opinion.   These monsters were chasing screaming girls thru the parking lot all night.  It was pretty funny!!  Jeff stuck his foot in his mouth and said “You know, the monsters only chase the pretty girls”.  I gave him an evil look and said “Well you better tell them to start chasing me, ’cause I’m the prettiest girl here.  Right???  Right????”  He looked at me and said “You know that’s not what I meant”.  Yeah, uh huh.  So you were walking home tonight, right?????  I’m working on TACT with him!!  🙂

Another highlight to being stuck outside was when the DJ played Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  I have seen “13 Going on 30” so I was inclined to put my dance moves to the test.  A monster in a werewolf costume beat me to it, though, and was doing the whole dance right there for our viewing pleasure.  It was so funny to see a werewolf dancing like that!!!  I SOOOO wanted to jump the line and walk over to him, hands on my knees like they do in the video and join in.  Jeff was able to restrain me though.  If I had my camera, he probably would have let me go right ahead so I could embarass myself.  He enjoys that!!!  (Hence the poor video of me doing kareoke in Vegas.  Note to self…..do not let Jeff video tape me singing when I’ve had a few tasty beverages!!!)

Alas, we finally got into the house.  Before you go in, they pose you next to a wall with hanging corpses and take your picture.  Then they take a second picture, but right as they do, they blast this air canon behind you, blowing your hair everywhere and getting a startled expression on your face.  I remembered this but I didn’t tell Jeff.  The pictures were pretty funny because my hair was everywhere and Jeff had this look of “WTF?” on his face.  We didn’t end up buying them though, because they wanted an arm and a leg for them.  HAHAHAH!!!  Maybe that’s how they decorate the house.  With the arms and legs.  Ahh, stupid Halloween humor…….moving on!!

Going thru the house, Jeff kept trying to get me to walk in front to try to have the monsters scare me.  I just smiled and waved at them.  I’m sure that’s REALLY the reaction they were going for.  The last room was actually a hearse that you had to climb thru and there was a wooden slide at the front end of the car to slide out of the house.  There was this crazy guy in there bouncing the car around and screaming at us.  Which made us start to wonder……..maybe some of these people are not paid actors but just some crazy people who wandered onto the lot and started trying to scare people.  That thought was a little more scary!!!

Then my honey took me out to dinner.  We decided to go to Red Lobster because he was having a seafood craving, and I can always go for some crab legs.  We assumed that we would be in for a nice quiet dinner, but our dining neighbors decided that would not be the case.  We were seated next to a table of 3, an obvious couple and another girl, who surprisingly looked a lot like Mrs. Kitty’s big sis from our sorority.  Apparently they were there to drink away their worries and they already had a head start by the time we sat down.  The third-wheel girl was so drunk and so LOUD, complaining about her ex-husband, her child, her miscarriages, her new boyfriend and why he won’t marry her now, even though they’ve only been together a few months.  I felt like grabbing a mirror and telling her “This is why he won’t commit to you!!  You’re crazy!!!!”  Again, Jeff was able to restrain me, and we just sat listening to their whole conversation.  it was very educational!!!

I would just like to take this moment and ask you all if we go out to drink and I start carrying on like this chick, I give you full permission to slap the crap out of me!!!