While having dinner last night, Jeff and I were discussing the various culinary achievements of Chef Boyardee.  No, we weren’t having that but we’ve been having this discussion about the Ol’ Chef and Spagetti O’s for a while.  We were both missing it from our childhood (except that when I was single in my studio, I’d still round me up a bowl of goodness, and that was only last year.  Shhhh!!!!)  🙂 

Jeff being Jeff, he had to log on to the Chef Boyardee website and puruse our culinary choices.  I was quite upset to see that they had Spagetti Rings and not Spagetti O’s.  Those were my favorite.  I called my mom later on, and she was very quick to tell me that Spagetti O’s are made by Franco America and not Chef Boyardee.  She had that useless knowledge right on the tip of her tongue!!!  We both agreed she should go on “Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” ’cause that sounded like a question they would ask!!!

So we have decided that this weekend will be an ode to the Chef himself.  We are planning a trip to Walmart to purchase as many cans as we can find, and we’ll eat canned pasta all weekend.  Sounds healthy, right???  Seeing as he took me to a nice restaurant last weekend, I thought I’d spring for the Chef’s creations.  I know, I know, I’m so generous!!!  Hey, it’s made by a famous chef, what more do you want from me???  🙂

What were your favorite childhood foods??