I have been inspired by Kitty Concerto, I have decided to have my own rant on Friday.  I’m trying to help her spread the verbal diahrea and the std in the Ford Ranger (not really sure about THAT story, Mrs. Kitty, but I would like to hear details!!!  LOL!!!) 

Seeing as my day yesterday was oh-so productive and wonderful, this post really fits in with that theme!  So without further delay, I give you my list of things that tick me off today:

1-traffic.  Traffic is really making me nuts lately.  Perhaps I should clarify: I don’t mind the traffic so much as I really dislike stupid people (maybe that should be another note).  People are in such a rush to go everywhere, and don’t care about the people around me.  Yesterday as I was getting off the freeway to go to work, I heard the tell-tale screech of tires and gut-wrenching slam of metal.  Right in the lane next to me was some jacka$$ who decided that he was going to try to roll over the cars in front of him.  He apparently forgot that he left his monster truck at home, and instead slammed into the car in front of him.  This car proceeded to slam into the next and the next.  All told it was a 4 car collision which scared the crap out of me, especially since I was RIGHT there.  The funny thing about car accidents though is you just can’t look away!!  Had I been driving a beast, I may not have been concerned but I can’t have my little Tinker smushed on the freeway.  Her feelings would have been so hurt!!  I had to gently console her as I rubbed the dashboard, speaking in baby tones like “Your mommy would never do that to you.  No she wouldn’t”.
Ummmmm…….yeah, I’m strange.  Moving on….

2-stupid people.  Ok, I couldn’t help myself, I had to add it as another item.  I hate it when people ask stupid questions or just don’t pay attention.  It seems like I am constantly surrounded by these people, even when I try to distance myself from them.  It’s like I tell Jeff:  I HATE drama and yet it always seems to follow me.  It’s like a little lost puppy trailing me around with those big puppy dog eyes, begging to be invited in.  As much as I love puppies, that one needs to find another home!!

3-living paycheck to paycheck.  It is SO frustrating to always feel like I’m living for the 15th and the 30th.  I hate that the money seems to go out of my checkbook just as fast (or faster!!) than it comes into it.  I have dreams of winning the lottery and bathing myself in money.  Well, not really since I used to work in a bank and money is REALLY not clean.  I can’t tell you how well I built up my immunity system by being exposed to so many germs.  But still, it would be fun to do it!!!  I realize that I am going to school to better myself and get a better education, but still!!  It would be really nice if I could make that salary now and take care of the bills now, rather than wait until then to try to play catch up.

4-school.  Speaking of trying to better educate myself, sometimes I get so frustrated with school.  I’m enrolled in an online college on the East Coast and it requires SOOO much discipline to buckle down and get my work done.  I’m glad that I’m doing it, but let me tell you, I will be just as glad to be done with it!

5-my lack of sense of smell.  Ok, this one may sound a little strange.  To those who know me well, you know that I have no sense of smell.  I know, I know, it’s strange.  Maybe not as strange as the fact that I have one big toe that’s shorter than the other, but it’s still strange.  You don’t realize how many people ask you to smell things throughout the day, or comment on some passing smell that I can’t enjoy (or commisserate with them about).  My SIL is so guity of this.  She’s always commenting on smells and asks me to smell it.  I just smile at her, and then she says “Oh yeah.  I forgot”.  Could I have this ailment fixed?  Sure I probably could, but if you read #3, there isn’t a ton of extra money lying around just yet.  And with people starving in China, it hardly seems like I should be griping about it, but I am!  So THERE!!!  🙂

6-spam.  This never seemed to be an issue for me.  I would log in to my email account, and be excited to see mail from friends, family, and maybe a few ads from places I have made purchases before.  Now I log in to my account and see that I have all these messages, yet the bulk of them are spam mail.  Ever since my purchase online from a lingerie store (see prior post), I have been bombarded my spam mail, all of which is for porn sites.  The most offensive has been involving barnyard animals.  No thank you!!!  I will NEVER be interested, Mr. Porn People, so STOP sending the emails!!  At first I was responding to each of them, asking them to remove me from their mailing list, but I think this just confirmed to them that it is a working email address, and they shared it with 10 million of their closest friends. 

And speaking of spam, how did that word get assigned to junk mail???  Was it someone who had a bad Spam experience and said “This is junk.  I get email junk.  Hey, wait a minute…..”  Just a thought. 

7-people at work who want you to work.  Ever since Mrs. Kitty introduced me to the Google Reader, I am hooked on the lives of my fellow bloggers.  I love reading about your trials and tribulations, the good times and the bad.  So many of you put a smile on my face everyday, and I thank you guys for that.  It’s been such a fun experience getting a peek into your lives.  It’s that pesky work that gets in the way.  Can’t you see that I’m reading a funny post right now?  GOSH!!!  I feel like having an “Office Space” moment.  “I told them if they made me stop blogging, I’d burn down the building”.  Hey, it worked for Milton and his red stapler!  

I do feel obligated to say something positive in this post.  I can’t be so downtrodden!!!  It’s not in my nature.  I do love reading all of your posts and I love all your comments.  Feel free to comment away!!!  I have turned into a comment whore and enjoy all of them.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Kitty for showing me how to link items in my blog.  I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they are working correctly. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Jeff and I are talking about going to the Spooky House in Northridge, another chance for him to try to scare me.  We’ll see who gets scared.  HAHAHAHAH!!!!