On Saturday Jeff and I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  We spent the day there at Citywalk.  I decided to get into the Halloween mood and dress up a little.  See exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

I do love my fun socks!!!  Although I feel like I look like the Wicked Witch of the East!

We went to IMAX and saw Eagle Eye.  I really liked it, though it was a little creepy to think of how dependant we are on computers and cell phones, and what can happen when they have too much control.  (WordPress……you’re my friend, right????  Right?!?!?!?  Phew!!  Ok, moving on…..) 

Then we were trying to figure out where to eat for dinner.  We saw Saddle Ranch.  Jeff asked if I’d been there before.  Well, I’ve never eaten there…….  🙂  Last time I was there, I rode the bull, which totally cracked me up.  Sorry no photos of that!!!  They pretty much make you sign your life away that you won’t sue if you die, and neither will your family.  HAHAHAH!!!  Well, I skipped the bull this time and we just ate dinner.  It was really yummy!!  And Jeff got a little eye candy as well.

Then it was on to the park.  It was really fun but a little scary.  It takes a good monster to scare me, otherwise I just say “Hey what’s up!”  I’m sure they saw this young-looking chick with pigtails and thought I’d be an easy target.  Not so much!!!  I think my days of working at MM and Fright Fest helped.  But Freddy did scare me….

It was a fun but tiring day.  Luckily Jeff found a nice place for us to stay that had some vacancy.

Hey wait a minute…….