Last week I realized that Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and that my office allows people to dress up for the day.  In fact, in previous years they have had awards for the best dressed people.  How exciting!!!  🙂  (These are the things that excite me about work!!!)

So this weekend Jeff and I were discussing various costume ideas for me, as well as talking about previous costumes that we have used in the past.  My costumes were always very cute- an angel, a clown, Snow White, Mary Katherine Gallager (SUPERSTAR!!!! “Sometimes when I get nervous, I stick my hands in my armpits, and then I take ’em out and smell ’em”).  It makes me think of Jerry Seinfeld’s bit (“My first few years weren’t so great.  I went as a hobo, a ghost…”). Jeff’s costumes were not so cute.  He and his younger brother used to have contests while trick-or-treating to see who could get the most scares from the people answering their doors.  He loved wearing masks to try to scare people.  I personally hated those masks!!  Remember they would get all hot and sweaty on the inside and the thin little rubber band holding it to your head would always snap.  “Trick-or-snap!  Dang, my band broke!!”  As the evening went on, the band would get shorter and shorter, and the mask tighter and tighter as you would attempt to keep the mask on.  NO THANK YOU!!!

So my recent hair debacle has influenced my costume choice (for those not aware of my hair issues, let me be the first to tell you NOT to try to dye your hair blonde yourself with a home kit when your hair is brown, especially on a night before you have to go to work the next day.  The results are not so good, unless you have the desire to look like Carrot Top, in which case let me recommend the product that I used).  Now that my hair is a reddish hue, I have decided to use this to my advantage with my costume (hey, I’ll save money without buying a wig). 

I ordered the costume from an online lingerie store (even though the costume IS NOT lingerie, it actually provides enough coverage that even a conservative dresser that I am can wear it to work).  I was oh-so thrilled to then get a ton of porn spam sent to my email address.  I wish that a reputable store like Amazon had been selling my costume, and then I wouldn’t have to deal with ……well, I won’t even subject you all to the names of these sites. 

I received my costume today in the mail and was so excited to try it on.  I ran out to the livingroom and danced around while Jeff laughed at me.  It was quite fun!!!  I can’t wait to wear it!!


Soooooo…….who do you think I’m supposed to be????  Cast your vote now!!  🙂



As a side note, PLEASE do not order from unless you too want to get spamed like crazy.  These sites said that they now have my credit card information and will be renewing my membership.  I sent the company a very nice email thanking them for my order and asking them to stop all the porn spam that I received as a result of my order.  The owner replied in a pretty nasty email, saying everyone gets spam and I can’t accuse them of being the cause because they don’t even market to their own customers.  I hardly ever shop online and I CERTAINLY don’t visit the sites that I was being emailed.  I let him know that I would inform everyone that I know to not shop there, so this is what I’m doing.  Thanks for your support!!!  I have also filed a compliant with the FTC.  I just don’t think it’s right that they can give out my credit card info and sign me up for unsolicited accounts.