So October is Jeff’s favorite month out of the year.  Why, you ask?  Well let me tell you.  He LOVES Halloween.  Personally I think it’s because he gets some sick pleasure out of dragging me to haunted houses and making me watch horror movies all month.  Before I met him I had never seen a horror flick, and in the 3 1/2 years we’ve been together, he’s been making up for lost time.  He also loves to walk behind me in haunted mazes so anyone who jumps out will scare the crap out of me first.  Thanks!!

So far we have our Arkham event planned, which I do actually enjoy.  I’m the only girl geek there but it’s still fun.  Mandy Thompson kicks butt!!!  🙂  And we also have tickets for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  We’re really hoping that the Simpson’s ride will be open that evening.  (At least I’ll have a small reprive from the scary-ness!!) 

So if you know of any other haunted mazes or places, let us know.  I’m sure Jeff will love to take me and scare the crap out of me.

(This is my idea of a good Halloween!!!  LOL!!!)